Six months ago, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be journalist. I was studying abroad in Spain after tirelessly dedicating the first three semesters and a summer of my collegiate career to the practice of journalism.  Even though I loved what I did, I was extremely unsure if I wanted to continue to do something that I loved. So, I decided not to get an internship for this summer and work to earn back all the money I spent while abroad. But then I received a message from a veteran journalist who encouraged me to apply for this thing called Next Generation Radio. I figured I would apply and if I got in, then I’d investigate it. It wasn’t until I got the “congrats” email that I started to immediately question exactly what it was that I got myself into. I still asked myself that question multiple times as the week when on, especially as I learned the ABCs of the program. “A” stood for adaptability. I learned that one the hard way when on day two of five, my subject canceled on me. Somehow, I was able to quickly change my direction and find a new subject. “B” pretty much stood for “Plan B.” You could argue it’s pretty much the same thing as adaptability. Yet my countless Plan Bs saved my sanity as well as my work. And “C” stood for consistency: consistent effort, consistent drive, consistent passion. Looking back on it, that was one of the hardest things to hold on to. This week was absolutely draining as well as a test of my character and skills as a journalist. Without the help of my amazing mentor Alex Lewis and the editorial team, I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much as I did this week. This program has not only reassured me of what I’m capable of, but reassured me that I’m in the right profession. Here’s to many more years in the business and being a part of the Next Generation of Journalists.